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The name of Dhermi is thought to come from the Greek term of “Drimadhes” which means “oak tree”.


Since 167 B.C., the small port in Himara was a Roman naval base. 200 years later The great Julius Caesar has landed his troops in the beach of Palase near Dhermi in his battle against Pompey  who occupied Orikum at the time.


For many years the Himara region was under the Bulgarian rule (until 904 AD). Around 1370 AD a relative of Lord of Arta came and ruled in Dhermi. After the assassination of a very famous Medieval Albanian lord in 1385, his wife being a true amazon governed this land until 1392.


The village is located near Llogara Pass at the foot of Acroceraunian mountains which are overlooking a long beach and a stunning Ionian sea. Surrounded by green olive trees and citrus plantations, the village retains an impressive beauty.


It is one of the most charming villages of the Balkans, filled with bougainvillea, small Orthodox churches, and narrow streets.


The sea around Dhermi is famous for its blue color and clarity. Deserted rocky coves, orange, and olive groves, and not (too many) foreign tourist in sight.......welcome to the Albanian Riviera!


Dhërmi is worth a visit, so once here, prepare yourself to discover it!

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