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Beaches you must go!!


Dhërmi (a hundred meters from the hotel): a strip of white rock lapped by turquoise waters. The beach is one of the longest and, in the summer, most crowded in the Riviera, but there are a few spots to be found away from the crowds even in the peak of the season.


Drymades (2 km far from the hotel): a small bay near the village of Dhërmi with a large rock that divides the pebbly beach from the sandy one, it’s the perfect place to spend some time relaxing. The beach is not crowded.

Dhrale (3 km far from the hotel):  it’s the perfect place to spend some time relaxing. The beach is not crowded, not even during the summer.


Gijpe: Hidden by the mountains, Gjipe is the perfect beach for those who are looking for quiet and relaxation. Why? Because the bay is far from the road and to reach it requires a 30-minute trek through nature that offers spectacular views of the coast.


Jala beach (20 min drive): the beauty of Jala beach is spectacular, no pictures or words will convey how amazing it is in reality. The sea water is so intensely azure that the rocks underneath actually seem painted blue! 

Boat Ride



Did you know how many amazing places

you can visit by boat??



• Dhërmi Beach
• Drymades Beach
• Perivolos Beach
• St. Andrea’s Beach
• Palasë Beach
• Grama Bay
• Gjuza Cape•
• Haxhi Ali’s Cave
• St John’s Bay
• St. Basil’s Beach
• Karaburun Peninsula Gjipe Beach/Canyon
• Pirates Cave
• Jalë Beach






Paragliding, Speed Boats, Diving, Parasailing and many other unforgettable activities and experiences.






Churches & Monasteries



Monastery of Saint Mary, the church is part of the old monastery built on the highest rocky crest of Dhermi. It was painted in 1576 and it constitutes the building left from the monastery. This church is notable for the portrait of St. Kozma, on 24 August 1779. 


Monastery of  Saint Theodore Monastery was originally built in the 14th century but was not finished until nearly 500 years later in 1860, with construction funded by contributions from other neighboring monasteries. Follow signs from the main road to Gjipe beach, a beautiful and clean beach hidden inside the narrow neck of Gjipe Canyon. 

St Spyridon Church 

St Harallambos Church​

St Nicola Church

St Stephan Church

St Thanasi Church

And many other old churches

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