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 We are very proud and we suggest                             our guests the traditional restaurant                              on the site 



Coffee Bar/ Garden Bar:


You can have coffee, tea or any other cold drinks,

icecreams, a draught of fresh beer, and many more. 




You can enjoy the full breakfast in the garden bar area. The Restaurant offers a variety of breakfast starting from continental breakfast to homemade traditional food.




The restaurant offers a range of different dishes and meals especially the traditional ones. You can feel the smell of grilled meat, fresh fish, and home salads.




You can have dinner at the big veranda or garden area enjoying the breeze air which comes from Cika mountain and tasting our traditional food and mezes.




You are invited to taste our full pizza menu and the children menu as well.



The restaurant offers Room Service and Pre Order Lunch/Dinner.





Feel home and feel free for every special requirement!


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