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Dhërmi is a village in Himarë Municipality in the Albanian Riviera part of Coastal Albania.


Get in


By plane: Tirana  international Airport and then take the buses south towards Sarandë and Himara. Or first you go to Corfu, take the boat to Sarandë (in the morning or in the afternoon), then with the bus to Dhermi, (in the afternoon 2 PM).


By boat: from Korfu to Sarandë (all year) or Himara (in summer), then take the bus to Dhermi. Or from Italy Bari, Brindisi to Vlorë and Durres, than take the bus in the direction to Sarandë or Himara.



By bus: From Tirana take the bus directly to Dhermi every midday, at the bus station for the south.


By bus: Buses run erratically between Vlorë and Sarandë. They are cheap and also stop at the national park just south of Vlorë which has several restaurants. The road is excellent over the top of the mountain pass as you head south to Sarandë.


You can also travel from Tirana to Dhermi by RivieraBus. Online seat reservation, payments by credit card, free Wi-Fi and drinks on board and a stable timetable. 



While travelling along the Albania Riveria, many folks are willing to give you a ride to your next beach town. A small donation at the end (200-400 LEK) is a nice gesture and much appreciated by locals.


Get around: You  can walk around in  Dhermi as the distances are not that long, or you can take a taxi if needed. 

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